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How to: Install Google Chrome web browser on Ubuntu Linux (and uninstall Firefox)
Ubuntu comes with a lot of quality software pre-installed. Unfortunately, the default web browser, Mozilla Firefox, has been on the decline -- it is slow and clunky. On Linux, Google Chrome is now the top web browser, and it is the best way to ...

Wed, 21 Sep 2016 23:18:00 GMT


Some Lenovo PCs can't run Linux (update: Microsoft response)
Linux users are worried that some of Lenovo's PCs, such as variants of the Yoga 710 and Yoga 900, aren't allowing them to install their preferred operating system. They note that the systems' solid-state drives use a RAID mode that Linux doesn't ...
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Linux Kernel 4.7.5 Released with Numerous ARM and Networking Improvements
Softpedia News
The fifth maintenance update to the Linux 4.7 kernel series, which is currently the most advanced, secure and stable kernel branch you can get for your GNU/Linux operating system, has been announced by Greg Kroah-Hartman. Linux kernel 4.7.5 is here ...